Kitty Kat Tighten Gel

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. 100% herbal,No side effect
. Return younger vagina to you and improve sexual life .
. Improves the grip and strength of the vagina
. Contracts and reshapes the vaginal walls
. Restores the natural elasticity of the vagina
. Restores lubrication and eliminates vaginal dryness
. Stimulates blood flow to the vagina
. Detoxin and beauty,kill bacteria and anti-inflammation.
This product is a topical female reproductive health product,which is produced through modern bio-pharmaceutical technology. ✨Use one tube of gel per night to get the best tightening effect.
✨Use tightening gel for 15 days in a row to acheive firmness and tightening results.
✨After the insertion of gel into your vagina do not have sexual intercourse until 1 full hour has passed.
✨Only intended for vaginal use. Do not take orally. Do not use if you are currently pregnant, a virgin, breastfeeding or menstruating.